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Good evening, it's Thursday, Dec. 27th.  This the Jive at Five - WESU's Daily community calendar and rundown of night time programming here on 88.1 FM WESU Middletown, your station for NPR, Pacifica, independent and local public affairs by day and the best in free-form community programming week nights and weekends.  Thanks for joining us. I'm J-Cherry producer and host of VOICE of the CITY,  Tuesday from 8-9PM, Showcasing live and local music, arts, and culture. WESU is now recording our live stream! Visit to hear VOICE of the CITY, and other great shows recorded here on WESU! Thanks for tuning in. Thanks to all of the WESU listeners who have chosen to give the gift of community radio during our 8th annual Winter Holiday Pledge drive! If you haven’t yet had a chance to do your part, you can still make that donation online

Over at the Buttonwood Tree in Middletown, this week is your last chance to catch an exhibition of photographs by WESU’s own Bill Revill, which are on display through the end of the month.  It’s an eclectic selection of prints of musicians, landscapes, seascapes, local agricultural fairs and more.
Friday at the Buttonwood brings a double musical bill featuring Jake Armerding  and Chris LaVancher for a night of Americana. Saturday evening, Jeremiah Birnbaum, described as a “rootsy, soulful troubadour,” performs at the Buttonwood Tree. This and every Sunday, Food Not Bombs shares food about 1 pm in front of the Buttonwood. All are welcome. You’re also invited to help prepare the vegetarian meal at the First Church on 190 Court St. More online at

On Sunday morning -- and every last Sunday of the month -- over at Brew Bakers in Middletown, The Rusted Keys, an acoustic duet beginning at 9 a.m.

Down in New Haven, at Toad’s Place, tonight a local showcase to Toad’s, with Dirty Lizard Kings, EightFold, Father Time, Fear Apparent, Forget Paris, Haddam Neck, the Mike Cusato Band, and Super Bad. Friday, it’s Zach Deputy, with Frank Viele. Saturday brings the White Panda Holiday Bash to Toad’s, with Cash Cash, Jacob Es, and Sikai. Sunday  brings Badfish, A Tribute to Sublime, with Carbonated Insight, Coax Rhino, and Something Simple. More online at
Over at Café Nine in New Haven, tonight it’s The Cooking Channel’s Baron Ambrosia; w/ Goat herder and They Hate Us.Friday night the John D’Amato Band takes the Café nine Stage. Saturday afternooon’’s Saturday Afternoon Jazz Jam will be hosted by The Billy Cofrances Group this week. Later Saturday night, Safety Meeting records presents Tomb and Thirst, Ferocious F-‘ing Teeth, Stone Titan, and Last Words.Then Sunday it’s the Sunday After Supper Jam with host Kevin St. James and the Legendary Café Nine All-Stars.
Up in Hartford at Blackeyed Sallys,it’s The Can Kickers w/ Milksop: Unsung. Friday night Easy Baby, a brand new New England blues act, takes the Sally’s stage. Saturday brings the Rockabilly Riot, with Mark Gamsjager and the Lustre Kings. More online
Here’s a rundown of cinema off the beaten path here in Central CT.

Over at Real Art Ways in Hartford through New Year’s Day, it’s the Best of NY Int’l Children’s Film Festival Party Mix 2012, a collection hilarious, heartfelt and beautiful short films around the world, suitable for older kids ages 8 and up, including festival award-winners and audience favorites. Also running through Thursday, it’s In The Family, featuring a precocious 6-year-old with two dads and a good life until one of his dads dies in a car accident. Roger Ebert calls it “a courageous first feature… that sidesteps shopworn stereotypes and tells a quiet, firm, deeply humanist story about doing the right thing." Then Friday begins a run of Price Check, set in the pricing department of a supermarket chain. The film is described as “a smart and honest comedy that examines who we think we are and what we’re willing to do for the life we think we deserve.” More onlie at
Cinestudio, the Trinity College cinema, is closed until Jan. 3.
Now let's look at what's on tap here at WESU tonight.

Now here’s a rundown of tonight’s programming on WESU.And now let's take a look at tonight's programming on WESU.
Right after the Jive at 5,Thursday, 5:05-6pm
Homegrown with Rob DeRosa
The best crop of Connecticut-connected music presented for a global audience.

Free Speech Radio News From The Pacifica Network
Your daily dose of alternative international news and reporting from the Pacifica Network.

Total Praise with Minister Latrecia
A diverse and inspirational blend of contemporary gospel music to uplift your spirit!

Evening Jazz with Bill Denert
Where hearing is the best experience. A broad range of swing, be-bop, and avant garde as well as a sprinkling of new releases.

Bridging the Gap with Jesse Brent
Exploring how music has changed forms through the years, and the links that tie together seemingly disparate genres such as blues and rap, or funk and Krautrock.

Alphabet Soup with DJ Blaze
An anti-genre, request-based melting pot. Each episode, we randomly select a letter from the alphabet, and play bands or artists whose names start with that letter. A wild romp through the annals of WESU's music library, supported and guided by the interests of our listeners.

Bach Party with Canyon Girl
Bach Party will feature a unique theme each week showcasing work from a grand pool of classical composers and compositions. Tune in, remain composed, and keep it classy.

Hip-Hop Kitchen with Alex G
We play positivistic, afrocentric and jazz influenced hip-hop/rap that's mixed with food news, recipes, reviews, tips, tricks, fun facts. Basically good food to eat while you listen to good hip-hop.

Songs Without Words with Jacob Feder
Songs Without Words offers an eclectic assortment of instrumental musics both new and old.

UnderCover with Rebecca Seidel
The best covers take original tracks and transform them into their own creations. Bridging genres, musical styles, and time, Undercover explores the concept of inspiration through imitation. Sometimes they surpass the original, sometimes they miss the mark - it's your call.

Jack's Jazz and Jam with DJ Jack
I will be playing music that features that blends styles, genres, and interesting melodic and harmonic arrangements. I would focus specifically on jazz and jazz influenced music, rock n' roll, jam bands, bluegrass, funk, and any blending of the above genres.

Rock Fatale with DJ Stella
Featuring the first ladies of rock, from The Marvelettes to Metric.

Sunspot Loops
A sporadic exploration of what exists in music at the moment.

Corporate Radio Talk Show Live Superstar 9000 with \.com
The talk show that has the FCC raving! We never cease to disappoint.

The BBC World News Service kicks on at 4AM and we begin tomorrow's broadcast at 5 a.m. with Morning Edition from NPR.

That’s all for today’s Jive at Five, if you didn’t get a chance to write down some of the information mentioned in our community calendar, the script is published online at, and if you know of any events that you'd like to have announced on the Jive, send them If you tune in to WESU for information and music that you can’t find elsewhere, then we are counting on you to help support the service you depend on.

Please take a moment to make a donation of any size online at, every dollar counts and we need to hear from you. Tonights music for the Jive was written and recorded by the Late Edmund James Wood from the Album, While I Sleep. Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Homegrown with Rob DeRosa

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