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04-05-12 jive

Good evening, it's Thursday, April 5th, and this is the Jive at Five, WESU's Daily community calendar and run down of night time programming here on 88.1 FM WESU Middletown. Thanks for making WESU your listener supported source for NPR, Pacifica, independent and local public affairs and free-form community radio. I’m Ben Michael. Thanx for tuning in!

Here  in Middletown tonight, from 6:30-9 p.m, Middlesex Community College hosts a stage production of “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been,”.  Performed by the Middletown-based theater troupe Vintage Players, this production is based on the transcripts from hearings following investigations on real and suspected communist members in Hollywood.  This free event is open to the public and will be held in Chapman Hall, second floor, room 808 C & D
Also happening tonight in Middletown at 7pm in Wesleyan’s  Memorial Chapel, you can catch a senior music recital by Noah Heau entitled "Block Ice, Bach & Beethoven." It is free and open to the public. For more information about all Wesleyan University arts happenings, visit

Tonight  AT THE BUTTONWOOD TREE on Main Street hereinMiddletown, its Bob Gotta’s, long running acoustic open mic with 6:30 sign up, 7:00 start. Friday evening at the Buttonwood, it's Joe Flood and the Lost Wandering Blues & Jazz Band at 8pm, and Saturday the Sinan Bakir Jazz Trio takes the Buttonwood stage at 7:30pm. Sunday night, its a new Open Mic at the Buttonwood that will be filmed in its entirety to be aired on Comcast TV. Only those who agree to be viewed on TV should perform, and all are welcome. For more information about all Buttonwood Tree events, call 860.347.4957 or go to

Tonight at Cafe 9 in New haven,  Grant Hart performs w/ Jason Prince (of Eurisko). Friday, you can enjoy an evening of original guitar rock featuring three local luminaries. Shellye Valauskas, The Streams, and Spike Priggen at CafĂ© Nine. Saturday’s afternoon Jazz Jam will b hosted by the Mike Coppola Trio. Saturday Night
Circus Delecti hosts their own 10th Anniversary Bash at the nine featuring music by “They Hate Us” and “DJ Znuh”. Sunday afternoon Cafe 9 hosts ROXY PERRY'S TRAVELING ROADHOUSE JAM.  Find out more at 

Down, at Toads place in New Haven tonight, PRODIGY OF the legendary hip hop group MOBB DEEP, takes the stage, with Duece Bug and Rowdy City. Friday Toad's hosts BADFISH, A TRIBUTE TO SUBLIME, and Saturday brings BEYOND THE WALL: THE ULTIMATE PINK FLOYD EXPERIENCE. Tickets and more at

Friday at 7:30pm herein Middletown, Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theater on Washington Street presents "Thank You for Flushing My Head in the Toilet and Other Rarely Used Expressions info online at

THE MIDDLETOWN HOUSE CONCERT SERIES presents:   Matt Mancuso & Patsy O’Brien at 8pm
 Tomorrow/ Friday night at The Mattabesett Canoe Club, in Middletown. For Reservations please call Jody Cormack 860-983-7963 or email

Now here's a rundown of  what's going on in the world of cinema off the beaten path here in central Connecticut this week.

tonight,  Real Art Ways in Hartford ends their run of “Salt of Life” about an aging  guy  who questions why all of the passion seems to have disappeared from his life. This weekend, Real Art Ways shows “The Forgiveness of Blood”, telling the story of an Albanian teen whose life is suddenly turned upside-down when his father and uncle become entangled in a land dispute that starts a blood feud. More can be found online at

Tonight at 7:30, Cinestudio, the Trinity College cinema in Hartford, is showing Neither Allah Nor Master as part of their Democracy in Film series. In this film,
Director Nadia El Fani is on the scene as an uprising against the government erupts – the first spark that would set the Arab Spring and its fight against repressive government on fire. Tomorrow there will be showing of Free Willy and  Friday and Saturday, Cinestudio presentsThe Artist, a silent film shot in luminous black and white, follows the seismic changes of late 1920s’ Hollywood, as a silent film star falls from grace with the arrival of the talkies. More can be found online at

This month The South Asian Film Series:” Phoolan Devi  and the Roots of Indian Rage”  at Wesleyan’s Center for Film Studies presents four films exploring issues around Phoolan Devi, aka the Bandit Queen a radical activist turned politician who rose to fame in India in the 1970s and was ultimately assassinated in 2001. Tonight at 8pm you can catch the biopic film “The Bandit Queen”. The film will be preceded by a performance from a Sri Lanken composer featuring sections of her Phoolan Devi oopera. There will also be a discussion with a History professor following the screening. Saturday at 2pm you can catch “Sholay” one of Bollywood’s greatest action/adventure films on the subject.  All of these screenings are free and open to the public at Wesleyan’s Cinema.

Now stay tuned, here's what's playing on WESU tonight:

Now here's a rundown of what's playing tonight on WESU in our new spring 2012 line-up:

Right after the jive at Five stay tuned to WESU for Homegrown with Rob DeRosa  presenting The best crop of Connecticut-connected music.

at 6pm, Free Speech Radio News From The Pacifica Network – is An independently produced half hour daily national and international radio news program focusing on peace and social justice issues in the US and around the world. FSRN is collectively run by its workers and reporters.

at 6:30 Total Praise with Minister Latrecia presents a diverse and inspirational blend of contemporary Christian gospel music to uplift your spirit! Get your Praise on!

at 8pm it’s Evening Jazz with Bill Denert – Where hearing is the best experience.  Featuring a broad range of swing, be-bop, and avant garde as well as a sprinkling of new releases.

at 9:30 Bridging the Gap with JBrent - Explores how music has changed forms through the years, and the links that tie together seemingly disparate genres such as blues and rap, or funk and Krautrock.

at 10:30 Alphabet Soup with DJ Blaze- is an An anti-genre, request-based show where we randomly select a letter from the alphabet, and play bands or artists whose names start with that letter.

a 11:30Flight 881 with Captain Q – is “Not your Grandma's World Music Show!” Strap in your seatbelts, put out that cigarette, and open up that small packet of honey roasted peanuts! Flight 881 takes you to a new country each episode to check out what music scenes are happening in the country with a focus on contemporary world music.

From 1:00-2:00am Songs Without Words with Jacob Feder  - is an eclectic assortment of instrumental music from all genres and generations.

from 2:00-3:00am Undercover with DJ Becca –  who says The best covers take original tracks and transform them into their own creations. Bridging genres, musical styles, and time, Undercover explores the concept of inspiration through imitation.

from 3-4am Sunspot loops with Rick Reaction Forces us to listen to music without the hype.

 The BBC World News Service kicks on at 4AM and we begin tomorrow's broadcast at 5am with Morning Edition from NPR.That’s all for today’s Jive at Five, if you didn’t get a chance to write down some of the information mentioned in our community calendar, the script is published online at , and if you know of any events that you'd like to have announced on the Jive, send them to

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Thanks for listening and stay tuned for Home Grown with Rob Derosa

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