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Good evening! It’s Thursday, April 24th and this is the Jive at Five – our daily community calendar and rundown of night time programming here on 88.1 FM WESU Middletown, your station for NPR, Pacifica, independent and local public affairs by day and the best in free-form community programming weeknights and weekends. I'm J-Cherry producer and host of VOICE of the CITY, Tuesday from 8-9PM, Showcasing live and local music, arts, and culture. Thanks for joining us! 

Here’s a rundown of some of what’s happening in our area this week.

Tonight you can also catch Simon Riker’s Senior recital, “Me Prometheus”  in Wesleyans Beckham Hall. Also on tonight at Wesleyan you can catch the stage production Vatzlav. This panoramic political farce is a mash-up of 18th-century French philosophical tales like Voltaire’s “Candide” and the Marquis de Sade’s “Justine.”  Saturday at 7pm in Wesleyan’s World Music Hall., you can catch the senior music recital: “Gratitude: Music by Jeff Berman.” Later sat night at 9pm you can catch another music recital by Molly Balsam, called “Unstuck in Time.” Detaisl for all fo these events online at

Elisabeth Petry continues to lead The Veterans' Writing Group at 7:00 pm on Thursdays in Meeting Room 2 at Russell Library On Saturday, come for Aaron Krerowiza's multimedia presentation "The Beatles' Alter Ego, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" at 1 p.m. (860) 347-2528

The Vintage Players marks its 20th anniversary with the award winning play, "Dancing at Lughnasa," tonight through Friday at the Green St. Arts Center in Middletown.  This beautiful play is a ssemi-autobiographical reminiscence of the impact of change on the lives of five sisters and their family in a rural Irish community during the summer of 1936.  

Friday at the Buttonwood brings Singer/Songwriters Hugh Birdsall and Arlene Wow, who showcase acoustic versions of their original songs with violinist Dana Takiki. They've been playing music in Soutneastern Connecticut for decades.

Saturday morning at the Buttonwood there'll be quigong (Chi Kung), tai chi, and community yoga. Saturday evening at 8 p.m. At 10:30 a.m. Annaita Gandhy, a Spiritual and Holistic Healer, will present the workshop "Aligned with Source."  At 8 p.m. enjoy Jussi Reijonen:Un, a group of musicians blending American and Scandanavian jazz with the folk music of the Middle East and Africa.

On Sundays, Food Not Bombs serves food outside the Buttonwood at 1 pm; all are welcome. You are also invited to help prepare the meal beforehand at 11 am at First Church Congregational on Court Street.   More at

Up in Hartford, at Blackeyed Sally’s tonight, the Connecticut Blues Society hosts a Blues Competition.  Come and see four or five bands compete for a chance to represent CT at the finals in Memphis.Friday night presents the Truck Stop Troubadours, with classic sounds of country music.  Round out the week on Saturday night with Boston-based vocalist and harmonica player Diane Blue.

Tonight down in New Haven, at Café Nine tonight David Johansen of The New York Dolls appears at Café Nine for his gig that was rescheduled from February 13th. All original tickets will be honored.   Monster Eats Pilot, Revolution,  I Love You, Hot Girl Roadkill, and  All Riot take the Café nine stage Friday night.  Saturday, Café Nine’s weekly Jazz Jam session will be hosted by Gary Grippo and friends. Saturday night, you can catch a hip hop show featuring Duece Bug,  Joey Batts and Them,  Eli Hazel,  Wednesday Atoms and more.

Also in New Haven, at Toad’s Place, on Friday night you can catch Max Creek on the stage.   On Saturday night stop in to "The Original Saturday Night College Dance Party."  Sunday night features "The Both" with Aimee Mann & Ted Leo.

Tonight Manic Productions presents  Baths, Young Fathers, and Pl Morris at The Space, and on Saturday see Andrea Gibson and Jesse Thomas there.  Also on Saturday, Neil Hamburger, Major Entertainer Mike H, and Dan Rice perform at The Ballroom.  

The Hartford Public Library presents Emery Austin Smith in it's Baby Grand Jazz series this Saturday, at 3 p.m. Or check out their ongoing exhibit, "The Way We Worked," created by the Smithsonial Institution, until April 23rd.  It documents 130 years of changing work life in America.  For the fashion-oriented, there's also an exhibit of Beatrice Fox Auerbach's garments and personal items.  She was the owner and CEO of America's privately owned department store, G. Fox & Co.  All at Hartford Public Library’s Downtown Branch, 500 Main St., Hartford.

Now here's a rundown of cinema off the beaten track in Central Connecticut:  

Through tonight, Real Art Ways in Hartford, continues their run of “Just A Sigh," a romantic drama directed by Jerome Bonnell.  Or choose "The Missing Picture," a Grand Prix Winner at Cannes and Oscar nominee for best foreign film, a brilliant documentary about a child who held onto life in Cambodia's killling fields. Friday through Sunday brings "Nymphomania Volume I" and "Volume II," a film about the memories of a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac who's taken into the home of an old bachelor.

At Cinestudio, The Trinity College cinema in Hartford, is a run of Disney's "Frozen," winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Picture and Best Original Song.  It's based on Hans Christian Anderson's classic story of The Snow Queen, and runs until Saturday.  Sunday brings "The Last of the Unjust," a shorter version of Claude Lanzmann's documentary on the Holocaust.  .

And now let’s take a look at tonight’s programming on WESU.

Homegrown with Rob DeRosa
The best crop of Connecticut-connected music presented for a global audience.

Words with Abigail Joella Shneyder
Tune in as slam poets perform live in the studio and talk about their work.

(1,3,5) The Movement with DJ Danni and DJ Aissa
Two Black Girls spinning discs and talking about the things we care about.
(2,4) Call it Anything with DJ Skim
Call it anything profiles improvisational music of various traditions that transcend the bounds of genre categorization. Strong emphasis on live recordings.

Evening Jazz with Bill Denert
Where hearing is the best experience. A broad range of swing, be-bop, and avant garde as well as a sprinkling of new releases.

(1,3,5) UnderCover with Rebecca Seidel
Bridging genres and generations, UnderCover explores the concept of inspiration through imitation.
(2,4) Muffin Top Colony with DJ Zing and DJ Vegetable
Muffin Top Colony is your place to discuss and listen to your favorite things: muffins and groovy tunes. There will be surprises. There will be recipes. There will be fun for the whole muffin-loving family.

(1,3,5) The Hip-Hop Kitchen with Alex and Jake
Welcome to hip hop kitchen where you’ll hear african, jazzy, soulful, upbeat hip hop and rap mixed with food news, recipes, reviews, tips, tricks, fun facts. basically food to eat while you listen.
(2,4) Live From The Paris Hotel with Grover Cleveland Jr. aka DJ Goat
A mercurial mixture of pop music and poetry, cavorting the ley lines of the human voice. Step outside the Dr. Luke degeneration into the magnificent streets of the city.

(1,3,5) Underdogs Edge with DJ Malik1Fam
The Underdogs Edge will feature local hip hop artists across the region with tracks from mainstream artists normally not played on the radio.
(2,4) MidniteMunchiez with DJ Gus Lo
Below Ground Street music your ears have been craving.

(1,3,5) Pop! Goes My Heart with Ian
Sad pop songs with a different title-based theme every show, with a focus on experimental pop, chamber pop, and Kate Bush.
(2,4) Army of Me with DJ Dora

The music that influenced and was influenced by the Riot Grrl sound of the 1990s, focusing on strong female fronted bands, with an emphasis on pop, rock and electronic music.

(1,3,5) Your Turn with Rachel Day
Each episode, a different guest will chronologically share songs that were fundamental in shaping who they are.
(2,4) Teen Angst with The Kaiser and DJ LT
Discussions about the harrowing, confusing aspects of coming of age, with an indie/alt/pop-punk soundtrack. Listeners are invited to recount highlights and embarrassments of their adolescence.

(1,3,5) #burnnotice with DJ Sabatoge
Underground HIP HOP, 90's Hip Hop 80's HIP HOP influenced show. Interviews with upcoming artists on local and national scale. Your mom's favorite radio show!

(2,4) The Weather Overair with Evan Bieder
social justice radio: “A dream you dream alone may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is a reality.” – Yoko Ono
And that’s all for today’s Jive at Five, if you didn’t get a chance to write down some of the information mentioned in our community calendar, the script is published online

2014 Marks 75 years of Alternative music, Public Affairs, and community service for WESU. Look for information on special programming and events online at

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