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Thursday's Jive!

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Good evening, it's Thursday July 11th, and this is The Jive at Five - our daily community calendar and rundown of night-time programming here on 88.1 FM WESU Middletown, your station for NPR, Pacifica, independent and local public affairs by day, and the best in free-form community programming week nights and weekends.  I'm J-Cherry producer and host of VOICE of the CITY, Tuesday from 8-9PM, Showcasing live and local music, arts, and culture. WESU is now recording our live stream! Visit archives to hear VOICE of the CITY, and other great shows recorded here on WESU! And Thank you for voting WESU Number One College Radio in the Hartford Advocate Readers Poll! 

Here’s a rundown of some of what’s happening in our area this week.

Here in Middletown, at the Buttonwood Tree, tonight brings Bob Gotta’s long-running acoustic open Mic to the Buttonwood.  Friday at 8, the Buttonwood Tree presents an evening of Jazz and improv with Stephen Campiglio and Gaslight Arkestra. 

Saturday mornings at the Buttonwood Tree kick off  at 7:30 with weekly Quigong (Chee gung),  followed by community yoga, and self-empowerment workshops. Saturday night brings Covert Jazz, a 5-piece ensemble. 

On Sunday, Food Not Bombs serves food outside the Buttonwood Tree. You're invited to help prepare the vegetarian meal at 11:30 a.m. at the First Church on Court Street. You can go to their website at for details about all these events and more.

Tonight at 7PM Author Elisabeth Petry continues to lead The Veterans' Writing Group at the Russell Library in Middletown. Saturday brings the Monthly "Friends of Russell Library" Book Sale at 9am. Go to for details about these events and more. 

The Mattabessett Canoe Club at Harbor Park in Middletown has live entertainment most nights including a weekly Irish music session on Wednesdays. Thursday, Vintage Vox takes the stage. Friday it’s Mixed Signals and Rural Legend performing at the Canoe Club on Saturday eve. Sunday Linda Ransom takes the stage at 3pm and Nekita Waller performs at 7pm.  More details can be found at .

Gallim Dance presents the New England Premiere of "Mama Call" at Wesleyan's CFA Theater tonight and Friday, at 8pm under the direction of Andrea Miller.  Mama Call has its roots in the directors' Sephardic-American heritage and explores ideas of displacement and alienation as it affected Spanish Jews during the centuries surrounding the Inquisition.Gallim Dance will also perform Pupil Suite, an exhilarating selection of wildly quirky excerpts from Ms. Miller's  I Can See Myself in Your Pupil, performed to the contagious music of Israeli band Balkan Beat Box. More can be found online at 

The Monthly Middletown Gallery Walk invites you to take a leisurely stroll downtown on Friday evening to view the latest art exhibitions. Find the Gallery Walk on Face book for more details.

Down in New Haven tonight at Café Nine,you can catch Eilen Jewell and Joe Fletcher take the stage. Then on Friday, it’s LONESOME BILLY'S ROCK-A-THON featuring Torque; Gary Heriot, and more.  Saturday’s Afternoon Jazz Jam will be hosted by Gary Grippo and Friends this week. Saturday night brings a FUNDRAISER FOR CT DEATH QUADS (CT's only MEN's roller derbyteam): featuring Heavy Breath, Canvas, and The High Noon.  
Sunday THE IRON GIANTS TOUR stops at Café Nine: featuring Benn Grim, Timmy Wiggins; Giant Gorilla Dog Thing; Iron Bar Collective; and Azstro Boii.  Go to for more details.

Also in New Haven, at Toad's Place tonight ,Conscious Reggae artist, Luciano performs at Toads. Friday brings BIG JIM’S BIRTHDAY BASH 2013 featuring over 12 bands on 2 stages. More can be found at

The Second Annual Take Back the Park Starts Friday Evening with Rumpus, also playing Supertrance, Two Virgins, Chesire Cat of Wonderland on WESU, J-Cherry and the Strawberries, and more! Happening on Court Street outside of Klekolo World Coffee. Taking Back The Park" Festival is sponsored by Klekolo World Coffee and is an annual community event showcasing Arts, Music and much more. 
Free For Anyone of Any Age
At Blackeyed Sally's in Hartford, Friday, it’s live and local with Jennifer Hill & Co., Isaac Young Quartet, and Kate Callahan. Saturday night Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts make for an evening of Blues at Sally’s.More can be found at

The Sunken Garden Poetry Festival is in full swing at The Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington.  This evening, you can hear award-winning poets Carolyn Forche [For-shay] and Mary Jo Firth Gillett with Music by Abu  Alvin Carter, Sr. and Jim Mercik, preceding the reading @ 6:30pm. Details can be found online at

If you haven’t yet had your fireworks fix, there are still a few displays you can catch this weekend. Friday night you can head to Farmington, Norwich, or Windsor Locks.  On Saturday fireworks can be seen at The Bridgeport Bluefish game; Groton,  New London, and just over the River from Middletown at the Portland Fairgrounds on Route 17A.

'Tis the season for  farmers' markets and several in our area are in full swing. Here are some: In Middletown, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. there's a market on the South Green; and another on Fridays, from 10 a.m. to 2 pm. in Middletown's North End at 575 Main Street.

In Durham, the farmers' market is on Thursdays, from 3 to 6:30 p.m., on the town green, on Rte. 17.  In Cromwell, on Wednesdays from 2 to 5 p.m., the farmers' market is at Covenant Village of Cromwell, 52 Missionary Road.

In Higganum Village, on Fridays from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m., the market is on the town green, at the intersection of Rtes. 81 & 154. In East Haddam, there's a farmers'
market from 4 to 7 p.m. on Wednesdays at the town grange on Town Street.
Learn about farmers' markets all over the state by going to For more information on farmers markets, you can go to

Now here's a rundown of cinema off the beaten track in Central Connecticut:
At Real Art Ways in Hartford,  brings BOTTOMS UP! celebrating Cocktail Culture with a screening of the documentary and a post-film discussion with Tom Federle, author of Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With a Literary Twist.Friday, Real Art Ways begins a run of "Dirty Wars" in which Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill [ Skay-Hill] is pulled into an unexpected journey as he chases down the hidden truth behind America's expanding covert wars. Friday and Saturday nights RAW present’s screenings of "Maniac," starring Elijah Wood a serial killer with a fetish for scalps. Saturday morning you can catch the New York International Children's Film Festival: Kidflix Mix at Real Art Ways.
Visit  for details.

Tonight, Cinestudio, [Si-Neh-studio] The Trinity College cinema in Hartford begins a
run of the new Danish thriller, "A Hijacking."   You can find show times
and info at

Now here’s a run-down of what's on the air tonight here at WESU, 88.1 FM in Middletown:

right after the jive sty tuned for 

-Homegrown with Rob DeRosa
The best crop of Connecticut-connected music presented for a global audience.

Free Speech Radio News
Your daily dose of alternative international news and reporting from the Pacifica Network.

Total Praise with Minister Latrecia
Your Thursday night Gospel music connection! A diverse and inspirational blend of contemporary gospel music to uplift your spirit!

Evening Jazz with Bill Denert
Where hearing is the best experience. A broad range of swing, be-bop, and avant garde as well as a sprinkling of new releases.

10pm - Midnight
Underdogs Edge with DJ1Fam
The Underdogs Edge will feature local hip hop artists across the region with tracks from mainstream artists normally not played on radio.

Midnight 1:30am
The Block Party with DJ Storm
A nostalgic throwback with an eclectic mix of 80's-90's music from all genres, pop, hip hop, dancehall, reggae, punk rock or r&b. Come take a journey through this historic 20 year period and fall in love with music again.
1:30 – 2:30 am
Dub Revolution (Archives) with big bent
Presenting archive episodes of this popular WESU radio series, exploring the evolution of Dub Reggae and related music.

2:30 – 4am
The Graveyard Shift with DJ Otto Nation
An eclectic mix of music from the WESU library. The Graveyard Shift With DJ Otto Nation

The BBC World News Service kicks on at 4AM and we begin tomorrow's broadcast at 5 a.m. with Morning Edition from NPR.

That’s all for today’s Jive at Five, if you didn’t get a chance to write down some of the information mentioned in our community calendar, the script is published online at, and if you know of any events that you'd like to have announced on the Jive, send them If you tune in to WESU for information and music that you can’t find elsewhere, then we are counting on you to help support the service you depend on. 
Please take a moment to make a donation of any size online at, every dollar counts and we need to hear from you. Tonight's music for the Jive, Elusive Dawn, from the album NightWalk, by Joseph FireCrow. Stay tuned for Rob Derosa. 

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